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Friday, September 26, 2014

"The hermetically-sealed vault of private arbitration"

Cardozo Law Professor Myriam E. Gilles writes:

Companies, anxious to avoid any and all exposure to class actions are highly motivated to insert confidential, one-on-one arbitration mandates into the standard-form agreements that, over these same thirty years, have come to govern their relationships with employees, consumers, direct purchasers, and all manner of counterparties. As a result, all disputes under these agreements – whether they would have otherwise been brought as class or individual claims – will now be shunted into the hermetically-sealed vault of private arbitration, where there is no public, transparent decision-making process, much less stare decisis or common law development.

Her paper is entitled "The End of Doctrine: Private Arbitration, Public Law and the Anti-Lawsuit Movement"

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